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The performance levels of windmills depend on a number of factors, of which the followings are the main ones : 

  • pumping depth 
  • the potential wind power related to each country, each region and each area (that is to say : the wind speed)

Flow rates can vary from 500 litres to 1,500 litres per hour, depending on the model (wheel and pump diameter, pylon height) selected for your area and your need.

The pumping mode - suction or discharge - depends on the method of pump installation:

  • vertically above the well, either of these two modes can be used.
    "OASIS" pumping windmills are capable of pumping as much as 65 metres on the discharge side and 6 metres on the suction side.
    Pumping to a depth of 100 metres can be provided after carrying out a specific case study.
  • at a maximum distance of up to 100 metres from the well, only suction mode can be used (assuming that the height difference is no more than 6 metres).

possible situations and data requested to choose the right model
the windmill above the well (the most common situation)
windmill and well on different areas (suction way of working)
anti-frozen adaptation (for continuous pumping)
storage on height (to provide running water)


Security : a special system allows the windmill head to keep safe for an upper 9m/s wind speed, so that the machine can resist storms, gusts or a squall of wind.


In recognition of our know-how, "OASIS" windmills have passed tests conducted by CWD (Consultancy services Wind energies for Developing countries) as a result of which they were chosen for a large-scale windmill programme in Mauritania : the ALIZES programme.

Actually, more than 350 windmills are in service in this country

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