Leader on the French market, ECOLAB Energies is a company specialized in the design, manufacture and sales of "OASIS" water pumping windmills.

Founded as a small family firm in 1927, ECOLAB Energies and its team build its machines with the same enthusiasm that was shown more than 70 years ago. Backed by a strong tradition, the firm takes special care to exploit the experience it has acquired while also making use of tested technologies in order to constantly improve the efficiency of its windmills.

Today, more than 20,000 models have been sold in countries at each latitude, ranging from temperated areas (Europe) to the tropics (West Indies, Madagascar etc.) and equatorial zones (Black Africa).

The variety of the exploitation areas and of the users demonstrate, clearly, their efficiency and durability in each type of climate.

Supported by our know-how and our study means, we can adapt our product ranges according to the specific requirements of the locations where you wish to site them and of their intended uses in order to solve problems coming from :

  • climatic environment
  • the lie of the land 
  • the features of the pumped water

OASIS windmill

Thanks to the specially engineered reliable and robust design, the "OASIS" pumping windmill allows you to perform pumping operations in an efficient and durable manner for all types of applications:

  • livestock rearing
  • fish farming and oxygenation of ponds
  • forestry and fire-fighting
  • sea water pumping for salt production
  • irrigation of crops
  • drying remote fields and drainage
  • maintaining of game stocks by creating watering places

For sahel type areas in tropical and subtropical countries :

  • village pumping facilities

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