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From delivery to exploitation,
the technical features:

Leaving the factory, each model comprises the following standard items:

  • A wheel equipped with a drive head with15 blades of galvanized sheet metal. Their specially adapted curvature, studied in wind tunnel tests, ensures that the windmill operates even at very low wind speeds of less than 3 m/s. The rotating motion of the wheel is converted into vertical reciprocating motion on the windmill head by means of a crank and connecting rod system. This motion is transmitted to the pump piston by the linkage bolted onto the bearing neck at the base of the connecting rod. 
  • A tower made up of steel angles treated with a coat of rustproof paint or by hot galvanizing to ensure very long-term protection.
  • A suction and discharge piston pump (range of pump starting from a 40 mm diameter) comprising a cylinder, a piston, two flanges and rods. 

Note : The materials used (as stainless steel, brass and bronze) must be selected according to the water quality.

  • A rudder to keep the wheel facing into the wind and a feathering blade. This assembly is articulated (patented system) so as to ensure that the windmill is set to safety mode in case of gusts with a wind speed of more than 9 m/s or storms. In these circumstances, the windmill's rotational speed should not exceed 80 rpm. 
  • Pumping accessories: a strainer, a bleed valve to be fitted on the piping in order to avoid problems with freezing. Plus the equipment specific to each installation: straight junctions, elbow, outlet tee junction, etc.


Erection :

  • This operation can be carried out by the customer himself with the help of an explanatory manual (one day's work for two people). Our technicians are ready to give advice by telephone at all times. 
  • A network of approved independent installers is also at your disposal. (Please consult us for details and addresses).


Maintenance :

It is essential to comply with maintenance recommendations in order to ensure the correct operation and long service life of these machines. Maintenance is carried out with the windmill stopped and consists of just the two following operations:

  • greasing of bearings (once or twice a year).
  • bleeding of piping in case of freezing conditions. .

The patented ground stop device has been designed to facilitate maintenance work . This device, supplied as optional equipment, is strongly recommended. Futher more, it can be used as an easy means of preventing problems due to freezing and drying-out of the well.

Note : a stuffing box can be installed in the well to allow pumping to be continued during the winter without any problems with freezing (look at the information scheme)


After-sales service:

Our machines are covered by a one-year guarantee for use in normal conditions and good assembling.

We will provide the following services at any time :

  • the diagnosis of failures and advice on useful repair procedures.
  • the delivery of required parts within 48 hours in FRANCE, all available in stock (actual delay for foreign countries relies on the means of transport defined in accordance with the customer or on our distributors in the nearest area). In order to facilitate your investigations, we have created a website dedicated to the after-sales service (restricted to our customers and our distribution network)

For further details, please get in touch with one of our installers or contact our head office directly..



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